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What kinds of insurance should I carry if I offer both landscaping and snow plowing?

Q: What kinds of insurance should I carry if I offer both landscaping and snow plowing?

A: The kinds of insurance that address snow plowing and landscaping risks aren't really that different from those that cover just landscaping. For example, you'll probably still want General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, and Workers' Compensation Insurance.

The key difference is that you'll want to find a carrier that can write policies for both types of businesses. Luckily for you, you can usually find these carriers when you work with an Insureon agent. These carriers can typically write a policy for you that covers both services, but you may have to indicate which percentage of your revenue comes from each. Keep in mind that because landscaping insurance policies are written for the whole year, your coverage won't change by the season.

For reference, the typical limits for a snow plowing and landscaping General Liability Insurance policy are…

  • $1 million per occurrence.
  • $2 million aggregate.
  • $2 million aggregate for products and completed operations.

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