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When Josh Bruner decided to leave the safety of a big landscaping company to start his own crew, he knew he was taking a risk. The payoff of working for himself and designing his own custom landscaping business made it all worthwhile. Now after years of growing his landscaping business, see why Bruner found Insureon's insurance process the simplest way to protect his risk. Read the full story.

Landscaping Insurance by the Numbers

Your Crew Investment

of your revenue is spent on labor costs.

Strategize to Save

5 to 10%
of labor costs can be trimmed by better management.
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Grab-n-Go Information

Top 5 Risks
  1. Employee injury
  2. Economic uncertainty
  3. Driving accidents
  4. Unpredictable weather
  5. Client injury and property damage
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Are my sub-contractors covered?

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You're a landscape and lawn care professional, but you're also a small-business owner who needs to protect the financial health of your business. Lawsuits could cost you a pretty penny, force you to shut down your landscaping business, and threaten your livelihood. That's where landscaping business insurance can help.

With our expertise, we can customize General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, and other landscaping coverages for your lawn care business. How do you know which insurance is right for your business?

Because each landscaping business has unique risks, Insureon tailors insurance quotes to your business and offers dozens of free resources to help you build a risk management strategy. If you have questions about landscaping insurance, subcontractor insurance requirements, or insurance for your lawn care equipment, don't hesitate to talk with a landscaping insurance agent.

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