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Key Coverage for Sprinkler Systems Installation and Repair Companies

For your clients, your lawn irrigation and sprinkler system installation service is an investment - both in the aesthetics of their residential or commercial landscape and in future water conservation. And your work isn't something that most people can do themselves - it takes specialized training and a vast knowledge of variant systems and soil types to be able to first advise clients on a system and then install it.

Not all soils or irrigation projects can handle the same irrigation or sprinkler systems. Take expansive soils, for example - install the wrong system there and you're looking at damaged walkways and foundations, or worse. And business insurance is the same way: buy the wrong policies, and you could face big problems. To get you started, below is a list of the most important coverages for irrigation and sprinkler installation professionals like you…

Each one of these primary policies can and should be adjusted to match the particular exposures and risks associated with your irrigation business. Read on to learn more about each policy and how you can shape it to properly protect your business.

General Liability Insurance for Irrigation Services

General Liability Insurance provides your irrigation service with a healthy dose of protection. The coverage springs into action whenever a third party (someone from outside your business, like a client) alleges that your business has caused them property damage, bodily injury, or personal injury.

Take a look at what this might mean for your business…

  • A client trips over some piping that an employee set in the grass and breaks a wrist. He sues for medical expenses.
  • You use a photograph of a former client and her family standing on their green lawn in a promotional flier that you then distribute throughout your town. The client sues for privacy invasion, because you did not get permission to use the photo for your own gain.
  • One of your employees isn't paying attention as he carries long pipes over his shoulder. When he turns, the pipes smash into the client's car window.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation and face a liability claim, you General Liability Insurance can help you pay for the resulting financial expenses: legal defense and investigation, settlements, and court-ordered judgments, including medical costs.

Commercial Property Insurance for Irrigation System Installation Services

If you rent or own office space for your irrigation system service, you're probably required by your commercial lease agreement to carry a Commercial Property Insurance policy.

But what if you run your business out of a home office, as many startup and growing irrigation service providers do? You'll still need a basic Property Insurance policy to help you repair or replace damaged property. Consider the following…

  • An electrical fire starts in your home office, destroying your computer, printer, scanner, and tablet.
  • A thief breaks into your home, stealing the TV from the living room, and the cell phone and laptop from your home office.
  • A severe thunderstorm damages your roof, which lets in a leak, which ruins your desktop computer.

The point is, most Homeowner's policies do not cover business equipment like computers. And let's not forget all the tools, inventory, and equipment you store in order to build your irrigation systems. With Property Insurance, you don't have to worry about whether or not your irrigation business will be able to afford to replace damaged property.

How A Business Owner's Policy Can Save Irrigation and Sprinkler System Professionals Money

As an irrigation and sprinkler system installation professional, you may be wondering how likely it is that your business would incur a Property Insurance or General Liability claim. It might not be very likely at all, and in that case, your insurance provider might be able to cut you a deal: a Business Owner's Policy.

A Business Owner's Policy (aka a BOP) combines GLI and PI coverage into one insurance package. And if it's not likely you'll face many of these claims, your insurer can give you both coverages at a lower rate. To find out if you can purchase a BOP for your irrigation and sprinkler system installation business, contact an insureon agent.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Lawn Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installers

As a lawn irrigation and sprinkler system installer, you depend on your business vehicles to take your materials and equipment from jobsite to jobsite. That's why it's so important for professionals in the irrigation industry to carry a Commercial Auto Insurance policy.

A Commercial Auto Insurance policy can protect any vehicle - be it passenger car, van, or truck - that is owned by your business. If your business vehicle should be involved in an accident, collision, or theft, or damaged by storms or vandalism, your Commercial Auto Insurance policy can help you pay for…

  • Vehicle repair and replacement.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Lawsuit-related expenses.

Remember that Commercial Auto Insurance only protects the vehicle and the passengers of that vehicle. Any tools and equipment you may be hauling should be protected by a separate policy called Inland Marine Insurance. When tools leave your place of business to travel with you on the road, your Property Insurance policy doesn't protect them.

Workers' Compensation Insurance for Lawn Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installation Services

When lawn irrigation and sprinkler system installation technicians get hurt on the job or come down with a work-related illness, employers like yourself are usually held responsible for paying any related medical expenses. Workers' Compensation Insurance gives business owners the support they need to pay for these medical bills so they don't have to pay out of pocket. In addition, most policies also reimburse employees for a portion of the wages they lost while they were out of commission.

Workers' Compensation Insurance is regulated at the state level, and most states require business owners to carry some kind of coverage, usually for full- and part-time employees, at least.

But maybe you're working as a contractor. Many landscaping professionals turn to you, after all, when their services don't provide irrigation installation. Be sure to always check your contracts. In some states, businesses are required to carry coverage for contractors too, and your contract may require you to carry your own coverage so the landscaping business doesn't have to.

Lawn Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installers: How Umbrella Insurance Provides Extra Protection

Umbrella Insurance helps lawn irrigation and sprinkler system installers provide their business with an extra layer of security. Umbrella coverage boosts the protection power of your business insurance plan by increasing the limits on several of your primary policies - all for one affordable monthly premium.

For business owners like you, Umbrella Insurance can increase the coverage limits of both your General Liability and Hired and Non-Owned Insurance policies. That means that if you ever experience an insurance claim that exceed the limits on these policies, your Umbrella Insurance will step in to take care of the rest.

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