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Small Business Insurance for Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Irrigation Professionals

While a good lawn looks effortlessly beautiful, landscapers, lawn care professionals, and sprinkler specialists know how much work goes into achieving that effect. It'll come as no surprise that countless things can go wrong while working on a job, and more than ever, mistakes, accidents, and injuries unfortunately lead to lawsuits.

Landscaping insurance may offer financial protection for your business by paying for legal expenses, lawsuits, and property theft — helping you avoid some of the huge costs that devastate lawn care businesses.

Insurance Options for Landscapers, Lawn Care Companies, and Sprinkler Installation Businesses

Insureon's agents specialize in risk management for lawn care companies, which means we can customize insurance policies to cover slip-and-fall accidents, property damage, Workers' Comp injuries, and other risks that are common in the landscaping industry. Our agents can customize the following insurance policies to cover your business:

General Liability Insurance for Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Irrigation Businesses

Landscaping General Liability Insurance may cover the cost of third-party lawsuits over property damage, slip-and-fall injuries, and reputational injuries. Landscapers have to work at their clients' homes and places of business, which means that mistakes could lead to substantial property damage. And we're not just talking about broken windows. Drainage issues, dead trees, pesticide problems, and dozens of other landscaping hazards could cost you thousands of dollars in legal bills.

When your business faces allegations of damaging client property or causing an injury, General Liability Insurance may cover the cost to protect your business from the lawsuit.

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Property Insurance / Business Owner's Policies (BOP Insurance) for Lawn Care Companies

Your tools, equipment, and supplies are the lifeblood of your landscaping business. Property Insurance may cover your business for losses due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered events.

Property Insurance reimburses landscaping businesses when their commercial property — everything from tools to office computers — is stolen, damaged in a fire, or harmed in a weather event covered by your policy. Not all weather damage is covered, so talk with your insurance agent to what's protected under your policy.

To save money on your landscaping insurance premiums, you may be able to sign up for a Business Owner's Policy (also called BOP Insurance), which bundles Property and General Liability Insurance at a discount.

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Commercial Auto Insurance for Irrigation Businesses, Landscapers, and Lawn Care Companies

Small-business owners can get Commercial Auto Insurance for cars, trucks, and vans their landscaping business owns. This insurance may cover damages, injuries, and lawsuits that result from auto accidents.

It's worth pointing out that many Personal Auto Insurance policies won't cover accidents that happen while you're driving your personal car for work. Make sure you read your policy carefully to know when your insurance covers you and when it doesn't. When you start your own landscaping business, you may need to upgrade from Personal to Commercial Auto Insurance.

If you have any questions about Commercial Auto coverage, don't hesitate to talk with a landscaping insurance agent.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance for Landscapers, Lawn Care Pros, and Sprinkler Installers

A career in landscaping comes with a higher risk of injury than work in other industries. Workers' Compensation Insurance (aka Workers' Comp or Workman's Comp) may offer your business financial protection if one of your workers is injured or becomes ill as a result of a trip-and-fall at work, chemical exposure, accident with a power tool, or other work-related hazard.

Workers' Comp may pay for an employee's medical bills and reimburse them for the wages they lose as a result of work-related accident or illness.

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Inland Marine Insurance for Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies

Inland Marine Insurance is a special kind of Property Insurance policy that helps cover your business tools, equipment, and property while it's located at your client's property or in transit.

Traditional Property Insurance policies only cover losses that occur to your equipment when it's stored at your facilities. If a fire burned down your garage, your Property Insurance would likely reimburse you for the loss. But if your tools were stolen from a jobsite, Property Insurance wouldn't cover it. Inland Marine Insurance is the policy designed to cover that type of risk.

Because landscapers are always hauling their equipment to and from jobs, Inland Marine Insurance can help cover your risk exposure for theft and damage that occurs while your equipment is away from your HQ.

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Umbrella Insurance / Excess Liability Insurance for Lawn Care Businesses

Umbrella Insurance (also called Excess Liability Insurance) offers $1 million in additional coverage that landscapers can use when lawsuits exceed the limits of their General Liability, Hired and Non-Owned Auto, or Employer's Liability policies. Because lawsuits can sometimes spiral out of control, Umbrella Insurance offers extra insurance in case you use up your insurance and need more coverage for legal bills. Here's how it works.

Say your General Liability Insurance only covers $1 million in legal costs, but a lawsuit over a client injury ends up costing $1.4 million. Excess Liability Insurance may kick in to cover the $400,000 not covered by your GL.

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Tips for Subcontractors Insurance and Risk Management

As a landscaper, you might hire subcontractors for specialty jobs outside your expertise like pool installation. Before you hire a subcontractor, read "A Lawn Care Business Owner's Guide to Subcontractors" for information about protecting your business from unnecessary risk and what insurance you should require from your subcontractors.

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Seasonal and Snow Plow Insurance for Landscapers Who Work Odd Jobs

Because landscaping is seasonal work in much of the country, many lawn care professionals lead a double life plowing snow in the winter. If your business offers these winter services, make sure to read "8 Tips for Landscapers Who Plow Snow in the Winter."

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