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You've Planted the Seed
Now Grow Your Landscaping Business

You've Planted the Seed, Now Grow Your Landscaping Business

While it's still true that hard work is an essential component of success in any landscaping business, it's also true that to enjoy significant long-term success, you'll need to work smarter in addition to harder.

The lawn care professionals quoted in this book offer tips about investing in equipment, embracing technology, responding to customer feedback, and protecting your employees. Some of their best advice can be boiled down to these four points:

  • Prevent costly equipment breakdowns and repairs. By knowing how long your engines and lawn care equipment is expected to last, you can trade them in before they break — and save a bundle in the process.
  • Protect your crew. Establishing safety procedures, training employees how to handle equipment, and encouraging healthy habits can help you avoid costly workplace accidents.
  • Respond to customer feedback and encourage it. Encourage happy customers to leave positive comments on Yelp and other sites, respond to criticism, stay humble, and learn from feedback (both good and bad).
  • Be open to new technology. Whether it's landscaping project management software or new messaging services that allow you to communicate better with your staff, landscapers should be open to new digital tools that can make their life easier and help grow their business.

We hope this eBook was useful. If you have questions about your landscaping business that weren't answered here, feel free to send them to us on our FAQ page.

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