Sample Certificates of Insurance
for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies

If you run a landscaping, lawn care, or sprinkler installation business, your clients might require you to have small business insurance. Typically, they'll state this requirement in a contract and ask you to show a Certificate of Liability Insurance or proof-of-insurance. What is an Insurance Certificate?

When you buy insurance, you'll get a policy which covers you for certain claims. This policy is usually 50 to 100 pages long. Theoretically, your clients could ask to see your policy, but it's much simpler to look at the one-page version — your Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Certificates typically list all your policy's relevant information:

  • General info about you and your insurers. This includes contact information, business names, and each of your insurance providers. (It's important to verify this information is correct.)
  • Coverage details. Your certificate lists the types of coverage your business carries, limits for each policy, deductibles, policy numbers, and the effective dates your insurance.
  • A "Description of Operations". This specifies the work your business does (and thus the scope of your coverage).

Just like the proof-of-insurance that comes with your Auto Insurance, a Certificate of Liability Insurance shows you've got the necessary coverage.

Sample Insurance Certificates for Landscaping Businesses

Check out our sample landscaping Insurance Certificate [PDF] to see what you'll have to show clients who require you to have small business insurance.

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