Insurance for Snow Plow & Ice Removal Businesses

Ice and snow removal is often seasonal work – something businesses usually offer in addition to other services. If you're like most snow removers, you probably work as a landscaper during other parts of the year. But whether your ice and snow removal service is in addition to your primary business or a new entrepreneurial venture, you'll need snow plow insurance to address the risks that come with your work.

Let's look at how ice removal insurance can protect you in this wintry industry.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance can help protect your snow plow and ice removal business when someone who doesn't work for your business claims you've caused them physical harm. For example, if you damage a parked car in the process of plowing a residential street, the car's owner could sue you for the repair costs.

General Liability Insurance can help you pay for this kind of lawsuit by covering…

  • Legal defense fees.
  • Settlements or judgments.
  • Medical bills.
  • Other court costs.

Without General Liability coverage, many startup snow removal services wouldn't be able to pay these expenses, which means business owners might have to dip into personal funds or shut down the company.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Snow plowing is the bread and butter of most seasonal ice and snow removal companies, which means you're on the road in extreme driving conditions. You might be making the roads safer for the community – but that doesn't mean accidents can't happen to you.

Commercial Auto Insurance can cover any vehicle you use for work purposes – and your snow plow can be included in this coverage. A Commercial Auto Insurance policy may help address the following situations:

  • Your vehicle collides with another vehicle.
  • Your vehicle crashes into an object, like a light pole.
  • Your vehicle is vandalized.
  • Your vehicle is stolen.
  • Your vehicle is damaged by a covered natural disaster.

For these incidents, your Commercial Auto Insurance policy can help pay for vehicle repair or replacement, medical bills, and legal costs up to coverage limits.