Website Connects Lawn Care and Landscaping Business with Customers

Website Connects Lawn Care and Landscaping Business with Customers

Monday, June 27, 2016/Categories: Lawn Care Business, Landscaping Business

Between trimming hedges, planting trees, and mowing lawns, landscapers don't have a whole lot of time to fiddle around with their laptops on the jobsite. Maybe that's why lawn care and landscaping professionals have been slower to embrace technological business solutions and tend to favor old-school pen and paper proposals. Admittedly, there's a lot of practically in keeping things simple.

However, today's consumers expect online convenience and connection, which means independent lawn care and landscape companies are in danger of losing out on a ton of business. Unclear quotes and a lack of online information can turn away prospective clients who are used to researching nearly every other purchase they make.

There's some good news for landscape business owners though: at least one software company is trying to help the industry ease into the online world and change the way businesses reach out to customers.

The Washington Post reports on the tech startup Describeit (@describeit_), which cofounder Ryan Yanchuleff states he started to help landscapers and contractors "bridge the gap between doing the physical work that they are very good at the and the sales process where they acquire customers."

Let's take a look at how tech solutions can help your landscaping business.

Getting Landscapers Online

According to Yanchuleff, Describeit works by bringing landscapers' paper estimates into an online system and overlaying them with product information compiled from suppliers and other sources. It allows landscapers to:

  • Make their designs or photos interactive.
  • Email proposals to clients and allow them to sign contracts and submit payments online.
  • Use other marketing functions like automated follow-up emails.

For example, a landscaping business may submit a proposal for a home front lawn including mock-up designs and photos. The proposal highlights individual services and/or products and links to more information. If your proposal includes certain tree species planted along the driveway, the software allows you to easily link to more information about the trees, informing the homeowners why you picked them. The same goes for materials like paving stones and services like dirt filling.

This way, the proposal shows the client what to expect and allows you to better field their questions and close the sale.

Yanchuleff is hoping that his software will allow lawn care and landscaping businesses (and eventually contractors of all types) to better connect with potential customers in a way that they're comfortable with. By making proposals and payments more streamlined, informative, and convenient, landscapers can take advantage of technology that guides customers to them.

After all, as consumer sophistication grows with technology, business owners will have to keep up to be appealing and relevant. Having a technological presence shows that your business is invested, knowledgeable, and professional.

Embracing Technological Solutions

Of course, Describeit is only one potential tool for your company to look into. No doubt there are other programs that might fit the specific needs of your business and help impress clients. Don't be afraid to do some online research when attempting to address a business need.

And if you happen to need landscaping business insurance, for example, insureon provides a convenient, online way to compare and purchase policies. You can see for yourself how tech solutions make business interactions better and easier for everyone by applying for free quotes online.


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