Freebies, Going Green, and Thinking Local: 3 Ways to Win Landscaping Clients

Freebies, Going Green, and Thinking Local: 3 Ways to Win Landscaping Clients

Looking for ways to market your lawn care or landscaping business? These three tips can help you attract new clients (hint: people like free stuff).

Tuesday, June 28, 2016/Categories: Landscaping Business

For many homeowners and businesses, landscaping often seems like a luxury. Sure, they'd like to invest in stepping up their property's curb appeal, but chances are it might not top the list of priorities. It can be tough to win over clients and convince them that now is the time to change out that old, crumbly walkway and replace it with a beautiful garden.

But how do you get them interested and excited about your services? According to Fox 40 News, one California landscaper is increasing business by offering to rip up lawns for free. Let's mine this example for three marketing tips that are worth putting to use.

1. Offer Green-Friendly Landscaping Services

By getting rid of water-guzzling grasses in people's lawns and replacing them with climate-appropriate plants, the California landscaper is essentially doing his part to be eco-friendly. It's a tactic that you should try out if you haven't already. Why?

There are two huge benefits to offering eco-friendly services:

  • Environmental awareness is at an all-time high. Consumers can feel good hiring you, and it might set you apart from the traditional landscaping crowd.
  • It cuts costs. Climate-appropriate plants are usually much easier and less expensive to maintain in the long term. This is a great selling point for your clients.

Of course, actually offering eco-friendly services requires a bit of research, and how you go about it will depend on where your business is located. Maybe it means offering native, low-water grasses. Maybe it means using methods to cut down on fertilizer with nitrates. To get a jumpstart on offering green services in your area, check out to learn about native plants for your region.

2. Offer Free Introductory Services

Free stuff can be a powerful incentive for winning over clients. In the example above, the landscaper got the attention of the news station by providing a valuable eco-friendly service for free.

But here is how he worked the freebie to his advantage: the service was only free if the client hired the business to do landscaping after the lawn removal. According to the news clip, business is booming.

For your particular business, you need to figure out what makes sense to give away. Maybe you provide free services to new customers or referrals as a way to get new clients in the door. Maybe you make your offer a free add-on to a paid service or you offer a free assessment and proposal.

Decide on the specifics and consider your business's situation. What works for some landscaping businesses might not work for yours.

3. Address Locally Relevant Issues

The drought in California is making national news, but it's especially important to the locals living there. By addressing it with free lawn removals, the landscaper is winning favor with the people in his town and making an active effort to combat the problem. Plus he's gaining business.

Perhaps your area has a beetle infestation that affects certain trees. Perhaps severe storms have recently pummeled flowerbeds and gardens with golf-ball-sized hail. Perhaps everybody in your town is really getting into croquet, for some reason. Use this information to your advantage and make it work for you. Your business can stand out and make a great impression just by doing something simple for a local issue or interest.

Give these three methods a try and see what works for your business. And as always, be sure to protect your business with landscaping business insurance (in case the golf-ball-sized hail comes back for you).


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