General Liability Insurance for Lawn Care and Landscaping Professionals

As the owner of a lawn care or landscaping business, your work takes you all over the community. From corporate exteriors and public parks to private homes, your clients rely on you to create an inviting space. However, serving your clients comes with a few risks, especially since you travel to conduct your services. Because your work takes place on other people's property, you and your employees could be found liable for any accidental property damage or third-party injuries due to your equipment.

Lawn care providers and landscapers rely on General Liability Insurance to safeguard their business against such liability risks. With adequate liability insurance, you will be covered if and when you're hit with a liability lawsuit alleging your business caused property damage or bodily harm. Even meritless lawsuits mean valuable time away from your business and lost funds when you don't have proper coverage.

To learn more about how General Liability coverage protects your landscaping or lawn care business, keep reading.

General Liability Insurance: Protection for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses

Lawn care and landscaping professionals know that their experience and the quality of their work doesn't mean a business is protected from flukes, accidents, or unexpected events. For circumstances outside of your control, your General Liability Insurance (GLI) kicks in to make sure your business can survive a liability claim over property damage or injury to a third party (i.e., someone other than yourself or your employee).

Performing your work outside of your own business premises opens your lawn care business up to unique risks, especially concerning clients' property. Fortunately, your GLI policy can cover other's property while it is in your care or custody. So if one of your employees accidentally destroys a sprinkler system and a client sues for replacement or repair expenses, your policy could cover the repair and legal fees associated with the covered claim. Since legal fees escalate quickly—even for a frivolous claim—your General Liability coverage can save your business from the financial hardships that come with the litigation process.

If your business has an office, your liability coverage can also cover your premises. If a client visits and is injured on your property, your policy can cover the cost of medical expenses or court fees if they decide to pursue legal action. Also, if you have employees, your General Liability Insurance covers claims brought against your business due to their actions. Because this coverage protects your business from everyday risks and potentially devastating financial consequences, it is considered the foundation of every business's risk management plan.

General Liability Insurance for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses: Key Details

As you shop around for a liability policy that safeguards your lawn care or landscaping business, know that General Liability Insurance is a good foundation for your business protection plan. This coverage can protect your company from bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and personal / advertising injury liability. Keep reading to learn more about the protection your General Liability policy offers against these claims.

Bodily Injury Claims

One of the reasons most businesses purchase General Liability Insurance is for its protection against third-party bodily injury claims. These tend to be the most costly, especially if your business is found liable in a lawsuit alleging your business's actions caused bodily harm. For example, if a third party alleges your equipment hurt them somehow, you could be responsible for covering the cost of immediate medical attention. If that person decides to sue and your business is found liable, you could suffer millions in losses, depending on the settlement, attorney's fees, and associated costs. However, when you have General Liability coverage, your business would be covered for the cost of medical expenses, court fees, and more, depending on your policy limits. This insurance gives you the peace of mind that your business can survive a costly court battle without facing bankruptcy or severe financial strain.

In the event that a third party's injury or illness results in death, General Liability provides coverage for medical costs, funeral expenses, and court-awarded compensation. However, if an employee suffers an injury or job-related illness, General Liability will not cover such a claim. You'll need to purchase a Workers' Compensation Insurance policy to receive that coverage.

Property Damage Claims

For lawn care and landscaping professionals, the property damage coverage provided by your General Liability Insurance is a valuable asset. Because your business takes place on others' premises, you run the risk of potentially damaging their property while you carry out your work. For instance, if one of your employees accidentally runs into a client's garden décor with a lawnmower and breaks it, your company could be sued for damages. Your General Liability coverage would pay for the costs of defending your business in court and the property replacement fees, up to your policy limits.

Personal and Advertising Injury Claims

If your landscaping or lawn care business advertises its services, the personal and advertising coverage included in your GLI policy will also be a welcomed benefit. This portion of your policy can cover claims alleging non-physical damages to another person or entity, including copyright and brand infringement, libel, or slander.

Safeguard Your Lawn Care Services Business

To protect your lawn care or landscaping business from costly liability claims, be sure to talk to your insureon agent today. We can help you determine the General Liability policy that adequately addresses your risk management needs.

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